Why join a 5-a-side football league?

If you’ve been contemplating joining a league, here are a few reasons why you should go ahead and take the plunge:

Health benefits

As with any sports, there are tonnes of health benefits such as improvement in stamina, fat loss and improved circulation. But where 5-a-side differs from its counterpart 11-a-side (especially when played socially), is that it takes these benefits to the maximum by taking advantage of the principles HIIT due to the intensity and speed at which 5-a-side needs to be played at comparatively.

Transferable skills

The skills needed to play 5-a-side decently are certainly transferable to the standard game and arguably accelerates your growth as a player. Because 5-a-side is played on a much smaller area, creativity in terms of strategy, passes and dribbling are required as all it takes is an interception to easily concede a goal. Add this to the previously mentioned health benefits and you would quickly outgrow a similar level player playing 11-a-side for the same amount of time.

After all the previous restrictions, who doesn’t want to meet up with friends or new people? 5-a-side gives you the perfect excuse to not only leave your home to get fit, but to also meet new people that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise. It’s always a pleasant surprise to grow your network at the most unexpected places.

Mental Health and State Of Mind

With burnouts being at an all-time high and mental health being low, it’s important to find avenues to take care of your mental health. 5-a-side provides that avenue by allowing you to disconnect from whatever it is causing the mental stress while also releasing hormones like endorphins and serotonin that are responsible for uplifting your mood and keeping your spirits high

Take the leap and join a league today